Thomas Mann Randolph’s “Song dreamed at day break”

Song dreamed at day break this April 1, 1818

While frugal Miss Mary kept the stores of the House

Not a rat could be seen, never heard was a mouse,

Not a crumb was let fall,

In kitchen or Hall:

For no one could spare one crumb from his slice

The rations were issued by measure so nice

When April arrived to soften the air,

Cornelia succeeded to better the fare,

Oh! the boys were so glad,

And the Cooks were so sad,

Now puddings and pies every day will be made,

Not once in a month just to keep up the trade—

MS (ViU: Mss 7443); entirely in Randolph’s hand; on separate sheet of paper pasted into a commonplace book probably owned by Virginia Jefferson Randolph Trist.