Peachy R. Gilmer to Nicholas P. Trist

My Dr Nicholas

Your favour of the 21st Feby reached Liberty during my absence attending the Courts. I only reached home yesterday morning after nearly three weeks absence from home at Franklin. Henry, Patrick & Pittsylvania Courts. I shall abandon the county court of Pittsylvania as soon as a single case of importance in which I have long been retained is disposed of, the other courts I shall continue to attend for some time; We have for some time been settled quietly in this place have not received our furniture from Richmond but expect it very soon its having been forwarded some time since for Lynchburg; I am sorry that the Richmond Ladies and gentlemen afford so bad a specimen of Virginian; Beauty and genius. I had heard that the professional men were generally able men the merchants were when I knew them a sordid and ignorant set and still continue so I have no doubt: I never knew a beautiful woman in the town. but have known none of any sort for many years: I am sorry to learn by Mrs Trist that you are uncomfortably located with Dr C his brother was never very amiable and seems to have become less so than formerly from what I can learn of him I thought Williamsburg would afford a more agreeable and advantageous residence, but every thing seems to be in confusion there: I fear we shall never abandon the habits of a riotous and licentious people. and shall banish all foreigners from our dominion by the imprudence of the young people: I most [. . .] earnestly wish you were in a situation propitious to Study & improvement, as you are now arrived at a period of life when it is every way important to for present improvement and in the formation of habits which will follow you through life; You mistake me in supposing I charged you with ingratitude because you did not write to me, I ascribed your silence to none but causes which do you no discredit. Now that you have commenced you must write to me frequently; for nothing can give me greater pleasure than to hear of your happiness and prosperity:

I thank you for paying to F Carr the $100: I have given to mr. Tucker a Draft on you in favour of Mr Francis Fry for $130:00 leaving a balance due me for the advances made to yourself and Browse of $70

I will thank you to remit that sum by some safe conveyance to Edmund W. Rootes Esqr of Richmond to be placed to the credit of Mr Tucker’s account with him and these payments will be a full discharge of $300.00 due from both of you to me: The weather is bad beyond all former experience I beleive and deranges my health but I hope not seriously:

Present us all most affectionately To Aunt T. & Browse. & accept our kindest & sincerest wishes for your happiness

Yr Frd & servt
RC (NcU: NPT); stamped; postmarked Liberty, 22 Mar.; endorsed by Trist: “21st March 1818. P R Gilmer Esqr.”
Peachy R. Gilmer
Date Range
March 21, 1818