Hore Browse Trist to Nicholas P. Trist

Dear Brother

We received yesterday with heartfelt satisfaction the long looked for which you know came doubly à propos’s as we began to feel anxious not only on the moneys account but also concerning the health of the family. but thank heaven we were also doubly gratified for the checks have arrived and the family were not troubled with ill health. Father has sent us each a check of 279 dollars. on the united states Bank and Cousin Peachey and myself have arranged the manner of exchanging them as well as we could. Cousin Peachey has wrote to Mr Francis Dabney who is qualified in every respect to do business of that kind, and enclosed my check, begging him to exchange it for bills of the U.S. Bank or of any Bank which will receive them it. also to keep on hand for himself 240$ the remaining 39 dollars he will also keep untill further directions from you. I would have sent your check also to Mr F. D. in Richmond but it cannot be exchanged before it is1 endorsed by you. you will therefore send it to that gentleman, and you will tell him to send you on (after he has exchanged it) 100$ and the rest to Mr Peter Minor Esq albemarle where I will get it when I go on to school. I hope you wont find any objection to this.

All the family here are well. the yellow fever has raged with great fury in New O. carrying off from 3 to 400 a month and you will hear with much regret that Bruce has been one of the victims. that account you will find in grandmotr Browns letter which I enclose with one from Father in another sheet—grandmother Trist and all send their love

your affectionate Brother
H B Trist
RC (NcU: NPT); addressed: “Mr Nicholas P. Trist Williamsburg Va”; in an unknown hand: “ Williamsburg Charlottesville”; stamped; postmarked Rocky Mount, 6 Nov.; endorsed by N. Trist: “30th October 1817. H B Trist.”
1Manuscript: “is is.”
Hore Browse Trist
Date Range
October 30, 1817