John Wayles Eppes to Francis Eppes

Dear Francis,

Your Mama is still staying with your aunt Baker—The mail when I passed Raines yesterday in returning here had not got in—Your uncle Baker has been kind enough to send up today but even if I get a letter from you there will be no chance of sending an answer by this mail.

Jefferson came to our house the other day and brought the Gun, which is put in good order—It cost nine dollars—as it was my fathers I think I shall keep it and give you the Gun I got of Mr Parkins

We have not had your coats made yet—as soon however as your Mama returns home they shall be made and sent by the stage—together with some Waistcoats and the other pantaloons—

The family are all well—John has been somewhat indisposed & Martha for a few days was very unwell—both however have recovered—

Write to me as I have got no letter since your going to Richmond

Present me to Mr & Mrs Prosser and accept the best wishes of

your affectionate father
Jno: W: Eppes
RC (DLC, Personal Papers, Misc.); addressed: “Mastr Francis Eppes Junr Richmond”; stamped; postmarked Raines Tavern, 8 May.