Margaret Smith Nicholas to Jane H. Nicholas Randolph

Well my dear Jane, here we are all once more; I arrived in Richmond on the 10th Int not very well, and excessively fatiguid, We determin’d as we were all complaining a little, that it wou’d be best, or safest, to set off immediately for Warren, We arriv’d on Saturday, quite happy, and very much delighted to see old Warren again. The girls are already quite well, and I hope to be so in a few day’s. We are all anxiety to see you, and our sweet baby, but that I am much mortified that I cannot send for you immediately, but the Carriage is obliged to go down tomorrow for your Father, he cannot be up before next Wednesday. Now this the girls say is an age, What think you? cou’d you not send your horsses of over for your Aunt Carrs Carriage, and come down on Sunday? the Girls are calling to me, that they cant live longer than till Sunday, without seeing the Baby, if you will only send her, they will be satisfied, contrive it I pray you if it be possible. If you wou’d bring your Aunt Carr with you it wou’d be still better, It will not be in my power to visit her before the middle of next month; her Son and his family will visit her next month, Eliza sent a great deal of love to them, all. and particularly to you. I left Cary Anne better, but not well enough to go to the Country. We receiv’d two letters from John, before I left Richmond, he said that she was still mending slowly but that they had employ’d a wet nurse to assist her; until she got quite well. I fear her recovery will be as slow as yours. The girls say you must give Margaret a kiss for each of them, and you will give her a dozen at least for me, bring her; if it be possible on mon Sunday. My love to Jefferson, and respects to the family.

with great Affection
Peggy Nicholas
RC (ViU: Edgehill-Randolph Papers).
Margaret Smith Nicholas
Date Range
July 25, 1816