Margaret Smith Nicholas to Jane H. Nicholas Randolph

I wrote to you my dear Jane, by the last mail. It has miscaried in consiquence of my having directed it to Monticello; presuming that name, was as well known as Milton or ChalottesVille, I did not disagnate the postoffice. I mention’d in it, that from the account that Wilson gave me of the unfinish’d state of your establishment, I supposed it wou’d be some time before you wou’d be at housekeeping, but that this shou’d not deter me from making my contemplated trip to your side of the County; and that I wou’d set out on Saturday (that is tomorrow) go as far as Mrs Carters on that day, and on Sunday dine with you at Monticello, stay all Night, and carry you, and dear little Mag, with us on Monday to Carrsbrook. But as you go home to day, I shall change my plan; and as I am very sure your time will better employ’d in arranging your house, than in Visiting, I have determin’d to go strait on from Mrs Carters, to Carrss CarrsBrook, I will stay there a few days; on thursday I will call on you, on my way home, on Friday I shall dine at home. Observe, I do not mean this as a visit to any one, it is merely a trip for exercise; I intend bringing Maria, and Nell home with me, and after they stay as long as their Mother will allow them, I shall carry them home, a. And I will then make you a visit of some days.

This mild weather has a charming effect on my health, and spirits. I think I mend every day, I have taken medicine but twice since you left me. I believe I forgot to tell you, that I shou’d give you two pr of my linen pillowcases, you will find them put up with the Beds, supposing that a trunk might be useful to you, I put the Blankets up in one. Phill will give you the key, I put a dymity Counterpane in it too. You will recei[ve] a Box of candles, a Box of had so hard Soap, twelve hams, all your tubs, and Pails, two of them filled with Butter, your pot of Pickles, half a dozen Broomes, and one of my low posted Bedsteads. It will be useful to you in moving from room, to room, but if you shou’d think it too mean for your house, you may give it to Dolly. you will find put up loosely in one of your pails nineteen balls of Soap, and six small pieces of hard soap. I have had sewed up in a matt, your Chair, I hope it may go safe, as well as all the rest. Billy, and Lewis, are still mending, but slowly. But poor Manual is no more, his complaint1 terminated in a dropsy, he died on tuesday. He recover’d his senses, perfectly, about a Week before his death. his Mother, and Crilla, were greatly afflicted. yours with great affection. Sidney sayes you did not say any thing about Margaret. she wanted to know, what new accomplishment she had acquired. she did not wish to hear any thing about sickness; she thinks we have enough of that here I suppose.

Peggy Nicholas
RC (ViU: Edgehill-Randolph Papers); undated; edge chipped.
1Manuscript: “coplaint.”
Margaret Smith Nicholas
Date Range
July 1, 1816 to July 24, 1816