Virginia J. Randolph (Trist) to Jane H. Nicholas Randolph

My Dearest Sister

The fears that you expressed of my having scolded a great deal at your not answering my letter by Brother Jefferson were groundless. I assure you I was not so unreasonable as to expect you to write when you were sick or busy you mention’d in your last letter to Brother that you had heard of Mama’s spitting blood. it frighten,d us very much. Papa & Brother Jefferson wished to bleed her but Grand-papa opposed it & as it was not absolutely necessary it was not done. She has been sick for some days & though she still has a fever & is very weak to day she came down to breakfast.

There will be a ball in Charlottesville the 20th of this month to which Grand-papa is very anxious for us to go, if Mama is well enough. I dont expect to enjoy my self much for I have forgotten how to dance, & besides there will not be at it a single acquaintance of mine. Mr White has been keeping School in Milton ever since the 1st of January. Mama will send the boys the 1st of March. James I hope will be in joininghand, & Benjamin already begins to read a little. Septimia is very sweet. she has not forgotten you, & when any one speaks of the fall which you got with her down stairs she pity’s her self very much with out bestowing a single thought on the bruises which you got in trying to save her. We heard that Aunt Harriets youngest child was dead, is it true? Mama Aunt Marks the girls & boys send their love to you. you dont know My Dear sister Jane with what impatience we await the time when we shall again see your self sister Ann & sister Ellen assembled in our little setting room. Untill then let me assure you of the unabating affection of your sister.

Virginia J Randolph.

PS Brother Jefferson sent Mrs Carrs deed, as you desired to Carrs-brooke.

I wish when you write to us you would direct to the Milton post office, as your last letter lay some time before I got it.

Grand-papa got a letter from Lillburne Jefferson. he said that Mrs Jefferson had gone to her Mothers (I expect to lay in) & two days after the house took fire & was burnt to ashes, with all her furniture in it.

RC (NcU: NPT); endorsed by recipient: “Virginia.

joininghand: cursive writing (OED).