Mary Trist Jones Tournillon to Nicholas P. Trist

Dear Nicholas

This will handed to you by a charming little boy who has passed a few days with your brother, pray shew him every kindness and attention in your power as we have received many from his family; I wrote you by the last mail mentioning that I had sent by Madam Meriams boat a box and Trunk and desiring you to get a pair of pantaloons vest and shoes, to let me know what they cost and I will send the money; I weaned Julian with an intention of accompanying Browse to town but the dear little fellow has been so sick since that I do not think I can leave him, he has already got ten teeth, perhaps your Grandmother may go down with him as your father cannot leave the plantation; let me know if Mrs Ross keeps a boarding house as it is shure your grandmother calculates on going, let me also know if your Aunt Harriat is in town and if Mr L— has received the dividend from Greaves Estate, has Mrs Livingston sent the articles she purchased for me as I have not yet heard of them, in my last letter to her I observed that I should go down with your brother in January; answer all those questions by Mr Maxant who returns immediately have you received, and answered my letter of the 21st? do not speak of your grandmother going to town to Mrs L— as she might imagine you wished her to be invited there; I enclose you five dollars to expend on Christmas

Adieu my dear Child
M. Tournillon

Mr Maxant has the goodness to take charge of a pat of sweet meats

RC (NcU: NPT); addressed: “Nicholas P. Trist”; endorsed by Trist: “My Mother Dec. 8th 1815.”
Mary Trist Jones Tournillon
Date Range
December 8, 1815