Judith Lomax’s Poem

TO MISS R******H,

On her presenting me Godwin’s St. Leon as a mark of Friendship.

An off’ring made at Friendship’s shrine,

Must ever sacred be;

Then know, sweet Girl! this pledge of thine,

Shall much be prized by me.

Yes, I will read it, o’er and o’er,

Marking the Moral page,

Which breathes like her whom I adore,

A language bright and Sage.

Published in Judith Lomax, The Notes of an American Lyre (Richmond, 1813).

Ellen Randolph presented Lomax with William godwin, St. Leon: A Tale of the Sixteenth Century (London, 1799).

Judith Lomax
Date Range
August 31, 1813 to August 1, 1813