Hore Browse Trist to Nicholas P. Trist

Dear Brother

I am very happy to hear that there is not much sickness in town, and that you are so well placed at Mr [. . .], though I am very sorry that Lewis is going away from you you will not meet with such a friend here, but it is for a short time. in your Last Letter you did not inform me were your school was kept, how often you go out, we whether you all study together, what you are now learning and lastly if you have seen any of our school fellows. you will tell me also if you have recovered the books mother will be very sorry if the large volume is Lost as it will spoil the set. we all enjoy perfect health little Julian is as gay and sprightly as ever though he has just recovered from a fever which lasted thirty four hours. the change which has happened to france filled us all with Surprize father thought himself in a [. . .] to be sure it is a most surprizing event. give my love to Mrs L. and her family the next time you go out I beleive Mrs L. did not set out on her f intended voyage. as I wish to fit Something more on the paper I will ask you if you have purchased your coat of what colour it is and how much you gave for it. the water is five feet deep before our house father and I go out pretty far in the woods frank and Sam are now making a canal twenty feet long to bring our goods if you were here you would amuse yourself we both know you like very much to play in the boats—all the family join in Love to you.

your affectionate brother
H. B. Trist
RC (NcU: NPT); faint; endorsed by recipient: “Trist, H. B.