Ann C. Morris’s Statement Regarding William B. Giles

Early in 1790 I derived an exalted opinion of Mr Giles from an estimable young man by the name of Harrison. At different times I heard of Mr Giles defending me amid the fury of Enemies, not for my sake, because indeed our acquaintance was too slight, but in a way which evinced much benevolence of heart—A flippant young gentleman undertook at our Table last Autumn three years to speak unjustly of Mr Giles, Saying he was rancorous etc, I retorted, and, recollecting I was at Home, said, “pardon me, Sir, Mr Giles is my Friend and I know him to be wholly different from what you have described. Instead of possessing rancor, he ever befriends the desolate and oppressed, I feel under obligations to him”—When I selected Mr G— to impose my packages on, it arose from my great veneration for, and reliance on, Talents and Virtue—Not on my personal acquaintance with him.

Ann C. Morris
RC (ViHi); dateline at foot of text.
Ann C. Morris
William B. Giles
Date Range
March 14, 1815