Ann C. Morris to William B. Giles

Dear Sir

I did not intend imposing on your patience again, but, am anxious to know whether all the packages, which I took the liberty of forwarding to your care, reached Washington. If not, I shall obtain another copy of Mr R’s letter, determined it shall be seen in Virginia with a copy of my Answer. It seems that he says now there was an attempt made to stranglex him the night he stayed here by an application to his key hold hole—poor creature! could his heart experience one glow of parental or conjugal affection he would afterward behold his own malignity with horror.

Most respectfully yours
Ann C. Morris

x Smother is his word

RC (ViHi); addressed: “The honorable Mr Giles.”
Ann C. Morris
William B. Giles
Date Range
February 17, 1815