Hore Browse Trist to Elizabeth Trist

Dear Grandmother

I have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of yours of last month (which was forwarded me from new Orleans) and that Mother presented us with a brother last thursday who is the image of his father. though Nicholas went immediately for the doctor who resides 10 miles from here and rode as fast as he could, before he returned nelly had delivered mother. Mr C. the president of our college has resigned his place and has established an academy upon the same termes terms as those of the college and to which, (as it is our desire) father will send us to Brother wrote to you last month General Jackson has taken pensicola. he Sent word to the spaniards that he came there as a friend, but that he would treat them as enemy’s if they made any resistance, that it was a necessary thing to prevent the landing of the british. He entered it peacably and the english betook themselves to their ships and fired two or three guns when they were out of reach. the spanish and American flags were flying amicably together. How we all feel interested in the fate of our country, though we have not experienced the horrors of the War we feel the inconveniences of it. Father finds it very difficult with the loss of half his crop to support our expences. Grandmother and all the family unite in the fondest affections to you and to our cousins, Mother will write to you as soon as she will be able. Adieu My dear Grandmother

your affectionate son
H. B. Trist
RC (NcU: NPT); endorsed by recipient: “HB. Trist 20t Novemr.”
Hore Browse Trist
Date Range
November 20, 1814