Thomas Mann Randolph to the Virginia House of Delegates

To the Honourable House of delegates of Virginia the petition of Thomas Mann Randolph the elder of the County of albemarle respectfully submits

That he is the Proprietor of a Tobacco Warehouse, in the town of North Milton, upon the river Rivanna, in the county of Albemarle, which is now entirely useless, for that purpose, to the public; there being another, greatly more than sufficient for the actual state of the culture of that plant, on the opposite bank of the river, nearer than 200 yards, in a situation much more convenient, and safer against freshes, which have reached the one in question: that the building would be of great value to him for other purposes, and does not, as it is, yield him one cent of Revenue: that no person in the County desires the continuance of an inspection of Tobacco at North Milton, unless perhaps the Inspectors themselves, who have an additional compensation for attending there: Wherefore your petitioner prays that an act may pass discontinuing the said Inspection and retiring to him the afore said building for his own private use.

signed Th: M. Randolph the elder.
MS (Vi: RG 78, Legislative Petitions); dateline below signature; addressed: “Colo Charles Yancey of Albemarle House of delegates”; endorsed: “Thos M. Randolph senr’s Petition—Presented, Novr 15th 1814”; with notations: “Novr 23d refd to Props (reasonable) reported Bill drawn.”
Virginia House of Delegates
Date Range
November 15, 1814