Cornelia J. Randolph to Virginia J. Randolph (Trist)

My Dear Virginia

I have been waiting for brother Charleses return all along to write to you, and had just determined to write by the post when he arrived, he is going to set of tomorrow and I have not time to write to Sister Ann by him, & besides that I wrote to her the other day. Papa has not returned yet and we have not heard from him, [. . .] but Mama expects a letter every day. I told sister Ann in my last that Tim had improved surprisingly, she is the sweetest creature that ever breathed we think, and every body allows her to be the most intelligent, she has four little white teeth which she shows whenever she laughs and she has learnt to crawl a little but mammy dont like her to do that because she says that it makes her too dirty, she calls every thing cat, sheep, horses, the dove and even the landau, she distinguishes but between two things, men, & cats, but I must leave it to brother Charles to describe her for he was as much pleased with her as any body, he tells us [. . .] some thing about a Mr Lewis Willis, I think he calls him but I would will not believe it untill I get a letter from you. I suppose that you must have made some acquaintances in the neighbourhood [. . .] and among the rest Ellen Thornton & Molly Lewis the former is I beleive a very fine girl and I have no doubt but that you will be as much pleased with her as I was. Mary told you in her last letter, that I had not been so industrious as you have been, but it was not quite so bad as she wo[uld] make it appear for I knit the [. . .] socks in two days though to be sure their was three or four intervening days that I did nothing, and mama did toe up the second, but I intend to do more in future.

Mama has just got a letter from papa he will be here next saturday. Aunt Marks desires me to give her love to you and to sister Ann give mine to the latter and to Mrs Bankhead kiss dear little John for me & little Nell & believe me to be yours most sincerely

Cornelia Randolph
RC (NcU: NPT); torn.