John Wayles Eppes to Francis Eppes

My dear Son

I am sorry to hear from your Mama that you have been sick—I feel pleasure however from learning that you have again recovered—

I propose returning home at christmas—If nothing happens to prevent it my coming home I will inclose you money in time to meet me there—I shall probably be at home five or six days—If your uncle Baker goes home at christmas I presume that Wayles will come down with you—

Tom went off and left several Books I had purchased for you—I am sorry for it as I fear you want them. If you want any book while at Lynchburg you must write me word—I can perhaps bring them with me at christmas—

You must be very industrious when you return to school—The more industrious you are the sooner shall I be able to place you at college—

your affectionate father

Jno: W: Eppes
RC (NcD: John Wayles Eppes Papers); addressed: “Mastr Francis Eppes near Raines Tavern Virginia”; franked.
Date Range
October 26, 1814