Peter Carr to Thomas Mann Randolph

I have just heard, that it is settled that you command the elite of this detachment of the army. I congratulate you on it, with all my heart. I have entered the army as a volunteer, with a determination to give my services, in the way, in which they may be most effectual. I do not suppose, that I can with impunity, do the severe duties of a camp—still I am perfectly willing to do everything in my power—Now comes the it—have you a place in your disposal, that you think I could do justice to, which would in some measure relieve me? If so,—and you can give it to me without invidious reflections, I should be glad to receive it—with great affection

your friend
P. Carr
RC (MHi); undated.
Peter Carr
Date Range
September 1, 1814 to September 30, 1814