John Wayles Eppes to Francis Eppes

My dear Son.

I have received your two letters & am very glad to hear you are well—

I have purchased for you a two bladed knife as you desired and will forward it by Tom—The city of Washington looks very gloomy—The Presidents house and the capital were burnt—The offices of war and of the Treasury together with all the valuable books in the library and in the different offices—The Navy yard was also destroyed and about 4.000. stand of muskets together with the magazine of powder—

we had force enough to have opposed them, but the militia run most disgracefully—a few men under Commodore barney and some officers and soldiers of the marine in all about 500 were all that opposed them—These fought most gallantly and destroyed about 200. of the enemy but were compelled to give way in consequence of the retreat of the militia—

adieu yr affectionate Father
Jno: W: Eppes
RC (DLC: Personal Papers, Misc.); addressed: “mastr Francis Eppes Jr near Raines Tavern Virginia”; franked.
Date Range
September 30, 1814