Peter Carr to Thomas Mann Randolph

My dear friend.

We have heard this evening with heart-felt satisfaction, that it has been the intention of those in authority here, to give you the command, of the whole corps, of volunteers, assembling, and about to be assembled at this place. We pray you, with all our hearts, to give us an opportunity, of serving under a man, whom we know, whom we love, and whom we are convinced, will lead us, to honor and to glory. This is the sentiment, of every person (and I have heard the opinions of many) who have had any opportunity of estimating your character. I am informed that Genl Cocke, wishes ardently that the command should be in your hands. I know you will accept this, as the effusion of one who from early life to mature age, has never ceased to love, admire and almost to idolize your person and character Have you waited on the Governor? Is it a part of the etiquette, which is considered important? If it is, in god’s name, do what is expected in this regard. As Ever yr most affectionate friend.

P: C[arr].

3d Artillery (Scott) formerly Macomb, about 400 (best in the army:

13h Light Artillery (Eustis) two companies imperfect: admirable troops.


28th Regt 4 full, & 1 half compy

2 very good; battle & drill:

2 raw at both:

1 good at drill; but new.

N.Y. Voluntary 180 men; large active bold undisciplined men (Herkimer)

Riflemen (Inness)?

180 men allso; best light troops in the world

all under command of ThsR: Nov: 1813: copy this for Govr Barbour.

RC (MHi); partially dated; signature partially obscured by seal; addressed: “Colo Thomas M. Randolph. Present”; endorsed by Randolph: “Letter from P. Carr Aug. 31. 1814”; with subjoined list in Randolph’s hand.
Peter Carr
Date Range
August 31, 1814