Francis Eppes to Martha B. Eppes

My Dear Mother

I am extremely uneasy at not hearing from you & Papa for this great length of time I hope that you have not entirely forgot me time seems to pass of so slow that I have got quite tired evry mail I expect a letter and go over to New London but return quite Disapointed I would give any thing I posess to hear from1 you and all of the fammily, I hope that Papa enjoys the Blessings of health by this time and that he will continue so to do as I hope all of you will, give my love to papa and tell him I hope that he will send for me by the middle of next month, I am now reading the 3d Book of the æneid in virgil and I have just begun the Greek grammar yesterday

I have just got acquainted with a mrs Burgess from North Carolina who is in this Neighbourhood she says that she is very well accquainted with you and was very desirous to know how you & papa were, write to me soon for gods sake give my love to my Sisters & Brothers also & belive me to be your most Affectionate Son

Francis Eppes
RC (NcU: Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations, Hubard Family Papers); stained; addressed: “M[rs] Martha B Eppes Millbrook Buckingham [. . .] Reins Tavern”; stamped; postmarked New London, 31 July.
1Manuscript: “form.”
Martha B. Eppes
Date Range
July 28, 1814