Ann D. Wallach to Elizabeth Trist

For three weeks past, I have said. well: to day I will write and inform Aunt Trist of my marriage but something constantly occurred to prevent me. I hope you have not lost all interest in me, tho, I have (apparently) been so remiss in not writing to you before I became the dignified character now addressing you. Indeed the consciousness of my inability to support a pleasing correspondence to so good an epistolary writer as you. my dear Aunt must be my apology for my silence. We shall remain in Alexa untill June when we shall commence housekeeping in Washington, quite in humble style. Like a good and dutiful Wife I have given up one of my rooms for Mr Wallachs office and this where ostentation and fashion form the principal principle ingredients of happiness, is thought quite a sacrifice. My inclination as well as circumstances will lead me to make my husband and domestic occupations the chief source of my happiness. I am thus minute in my account of my plans and prospects because I flatter myself they will not be uninteresting to you. I would tell you too a1 great deal of my husband but you would say the honey moon is not over yet, (and perhaps add) tho they do love sincere and have been so long engaged I doubt whether they will be entitled to the flitch of bacon. Mr W. and Mrs Moore desire to be affectionately remembered to you. Believe me2 my dear Aunt your Affectionate

Ann D Wallach.
RC (NcU: NPT); address cover mutilated with postscript illegible; addressed: “[. . .]rist [. . .] Birdwood [. . .] Court House Virginia”; endorsed by Trist: “Mrs Wallach.”
1Manuscript: “a a.”
2Manuscript: “me me.”
Ann D. Wallach
Date Range
April 14, 1814