Marie Trist Jones Tournillon to Elizabeth Trist

My Dear Mother

Did not I hear of you from Nicholas I should be seriously alarmed at your silence for I have not received a line from you since January In my last I enclosed a draft on Baltimore for a hundred Dollars. Since then my Mother and myself have had a severe bilious attack which I assure you has handled us very roughly, and though we take the bark constantly we have a slow fever every night. Ann Dunton consoles us by declaring that as soon as we are sufficiently strong to take exercise we will get rid of it. we have had the most disagreeable winter you can imagine,1 constant cold rains, last week from a few days of sunshine the tress trees were in full blossom, & last night the frost was so severe as to destroy all the fruit and even vegetables. when you write to Mrs Tomson remember me to her and ask her to have the goodness to enquire respecting Mrs Mather whom I most earnestly wish to hear of her from I have directed several letters to the [. . .] house but she certainly could not have received them or She would have answered them. Adieu my dear Mother remember me affectionately to P. and Polly kiss the Children Mr Tournillon also joins me in best wishes, he is so indefatigable in preparing for a crop that he rises when the bell rings and sits down only at his meals I expect every day he will fatigue himself into a fever my Mother often observes I wish Mr Trist was here he is exactly the character she has always wished to live with. I have never seen her so happy as she is at present

M. T.

I enclose the duplicate Harriett begs that I will not forget her love she has recovered her health and has a charming little girl.

M T.
RC (NcU: NPT); addressed: “Mrs Elizabeth Trist Care of Peachy. R. Gilmer Esq Henry Court house Virginia”; stamped; postmarked Baton Rouge, 7 Mar.; endorsed by Trist: “Mrs Tournillon date 6th March.”

Bark (Jesuits’ or Peruvian Bark): The bark of various species of the Cinchona tree, from which quinine is derived. Generally ground into a powder and taken as a cooling drink (OED).

1Manuscript: “immagine.”
Mary Trist Jones Tournillon
Date Range
March 6, 1814