Richmond Washington Volunteers to Thomas Mann Randolph


To you as the commander of the 20th regt. and to which we have the honor to be attached, we beg leave to petition for your influence in procuring us an honorable discharge from our present awkward situation.—From information, we understand that we are now about to go into Winter Quarters, and the Spring campaign will not open sooner than the 1st of May; and the 6th day of June our term of service will expire.—Therefore your honor will at once see the impropriety of keeping us in winter quarters five months, merely to discharge us in the Spring.—We shall, it is very evident, be nothing more than a dead expence to the government, if we are detained any longer inactive.—The strength of the company is daily diminishing, inasmuch as many of us are daily becoming sick.—You understand our meaning; and be so good as to act accordingly.—The pittance which is due us from government is to us no object.—We If we can procure some clothing; and a few dollars in cash we shall be satisfied.—Our discharge, however, is our principal object.

George Nicholson { in behalf of the
R. W volunteers
Chris Branch
Wm B Page
S. Shepherd.
RC (MHi); in an unidentified hand; signed by Nicholson, Branch, Page, and Shepherd; undated; addressed: “Col. Thomas M. Randolph, Present”; in same hand, upside down, below address: “Capt”; endorsed by Randolph : “Petition from Richmond Washington Volunteers Nov. 1813.”
George Nicholson
Chris Branch
William B. Page
S. Shepherd
Date Range
November 1, 1813 to November 30, 1813