Joseph Gardner Swift to Thomas Mann Randolph, enclosing a Plan for Huts at French Mills

The Huts will be [. . .] 16 feet square in the clear inside, Built of Logs covered and floored with Boards similar to the plan annexed 7 feet high to the Eves 3 feet pitch to the Roof —

Two Huts will be connected together by a Petition of Logs, in the center of this petition a chimney of Stone or Brick will be Erected which will afford two chim fire places 5 feet wide one for either room.—

Each Hut will have one Door six feet by three feet and one window 3 feet by 3 feet The Door of Plank six feet six inches from the corner farthest from the chimney—the window to have a wooden shutter ’till Sashes with Glass can be furnished; Each Hut will accommodate Twenty five men.—

(Signed) J. G. Swift
MS (MHi); dateline above signature; addressed: “Col Randolph”; drawing of hut plans subjoined; endorsed by Randolph: “Hutting at French Mills Nov. 15. 1813.”
Joseph Gardner Swift
Date Range
November 15, 1813