James Wilkinson to Thomas Mann Randolph and Isaac A. Coles


By a letter of the 12th In Ulto recieved last evening from Col. Coles, I am informed that you are were about to rendezvous at Carlisle, with five or six hundred men.

As soon as you shall recieve this letter, you will direct your march with all the speed & facilities in your power, to Sacketts Harbour; to at which place if you do not arrive very shortly, you will not have an opportunity to take a part in the contemplated operations of the army, this Campaign.

I am Gentlemen with consideration and respect, your most obt sert
Ja: Wilkinson
RC (MHi); addressed: “To Col: T. M. Randolph of the 20th Inftry or, Col: I. A. Coles. of the 12th Inftry expected at Sunsbury. Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Mail express to be left until called for”; stamped; postmarked Niagara 3 Oct.; endorsed by Randolph: “Jas Wilkinson to the Colonels of the 12 & 20 Infy Oct. 1.1813.”
James Wilkinson
Isaac A. Coles
Date Range
October 1, 1813