Thomas Mann Randolph to William Stake Jett


Doctor Mitchell will join you at Baltimore with the men of your company who were left at Fort Warburton sick and afterwards removed here. Two of them have chronical complaints and will be sent on to remain at the nearest recruiting rendezvous of the 20th Regiment, untill they get well or desire their discharge. When you arrive at Baltimore make known your destination to General Smith and if the circumstances of the moment should make it desirable to him, halt there with all your men entirely fit for duty, untill the danger to the place is over, unless I should arrive sooner. Send on your sickly men, unless pronounced to be decidedly and rapidly convalescent, to York in Pensylvania with Dr Mitchell; or if he should quit the Regiment, which is probable, with one of your officers whom you can best spare. If General Smith should not require you to halt at Baltimore, proceed by slow marches to York, and remain there untill I come as you have been allready instructed. I pray you to be particularly attentive to the health of your men and never suffer a ration of flour to be issued where Bread can possibly be had.

FC (MHi: Coolidge Collection); endorsed by Randolph: “To Captain Jett Aug. 1813.”
William State Jett
Date Range
August 1, 1813 to August 31, 1813