Mary Trist Jones (Tournillon) to Nicholas P. Trist

I am vexed and disappointed my beloved child at the departure of Farlan without my knowledge I took the trouble of sending three times to the river to desire he would not go without [. . .] or trunk which I had prepared for you, containing two pair of pantaloons, a jacket, a latin Dictionary and grammar, and Dufief which you expressed a wish to have, perhaps you do not recollect that among your cloathes there are two summer jackets (request the person who has the charge of your things to wash them frequently I will send something to repay her) and they will prevent your suffering from heat until Mrs Livingston has some made for you, Mrs L possesses my warmest gratitude for her very great and kind attention to you omit not the little that is in your power to prove your grateful sense of it also, your being near such a friend I feel a real blessing to us both as otherwise my anxiety would be too intense during this summer, the praise which she bestows on you in her letters was balm to the breast of your Mother and drew from her tears of happiness

you are anxious to obtain my permission to swim in the canal, on such subjects always consult the President and be guided entirely by his advise but remember how dear you are to me and do not for a moment [. . .] gratification any wish, your brother has not been at Mr Sharps this season, neither does he go to school and I am sorry to say he does not study, he reads almost constantly but [. . .] desultory, you do not mention my [. . .] family though I frequently request it; how the health of [. . .] write to your grandmother do you keep a regular account of the money you get from the President? if not you run the risk of exceeding my supply which would be improper, as exactitude in pecuniary matters is indispensibly necessary heaven bless you my [. . .] dear Child

M Jones

Direct to Mrs T L Jones Baton Rouge as there is another Mrs Mary Jones in the neighbornood

RC (NcU: NPT); addressed: “Nicholas P. Trist Orleans College New Oreans”; stamped; postmarked Baton Rouge 29 Apr.; endorsed by Trist: “My Mother April 29th 1813.”
Mary Trist Jones Tournillon
Date Range
April 29, 1813