Marie Trist Jones (Tournillon) to Nicholas P. Trist

The last mail did not bring me a letter from you my darling Nicholas—I suppose you wrote to your grandmother Trist, who has the tenderest affection for you and you are the dearest object she has in this world, I feel confident you will never neglect giving every proof in your power of that respect and attachment which you feel for your parents, filial piety is one of the most amiable qualities of the heart it is a virtue which I trust my son will never to be deficient in, Browse is much affected by your absence and is constantly repeating I wish I was with brother, when do you think I will go to him? would to God I could gratify him, but that is impossible as my finances will not admit of it until the season will be too far advanced to risk a chance of climate, I am out of provisions for my negroes which deranges the plans I had formed for him, and Mr Livingston to receive a months wages from Captain Shamburg and place it in the Planters bank as I have a note to take up immediately, do you let me know when I may draw for it,—how sincerely do I feel your loss my dear child, I miss you every where, but more particularly in the evening for then we read together and your observations and gayety beguiled me of many a sad hour which in this dismal solitude I am doomed to experience, your improvement can alone recompense me for the painful anxiety I shall experience during our seperation disappoint me not beloved child, for in you and your brother rest all my hopes of happiness, have you received a letter and several things I sent you by Farlan? Request Mr Livingston to have you a few under shirts made of muslin to change your flannel when it becomes too oppressive, say to him, that every thing here bears such a somber aspect I have not yet had the courage [to?] attempt an epistle to him, offer my kindest remembrance and [. . .] have you heard from your uncle, neglect not to present me at all times in an appropriate manner to that family, also to every person who treats you with attention remember that courtesy of manners is always agreeable and necessary—

M. J.
RC (NcU: NPT); torn at seal; addressed: “Nicholas P. Trist Orleans College”; stamped; postmarked Baton Rouge 11 Mar.; endorsed by Trist: “My Mother March 4th 1813”; with unrelated notations in French and Latin in an unknown hand on address cover.
Marie Trist Jones Tournillon
Date Range
March 4, 1813