Caroline House to Elizabeth Trist

With pleasure my dear Aunt do I take up my pen to acknowledge your favour dated 6th December and assure you of my unfeigned thanks for the agreeable intelligence it conveyed spending your time to your satisfaction must be truly pleasing to a mind formed to enjoy congenial society such as you describe Mrs Tucker and sincerely join you in hopes of a continuance of her charming company

Your interesting description of your grandsons are certainly promising I cannot but admire the Nicholas’s character yet at the same time confess I love Browses the ambition of the former is perhaps better calculated for a more shining figure the latter a boy after my own heart possessing qualities of a domestic turn.

Respecting your wishes in regard to my own situation I will endeavour my dearest Aunt to pourtray my feelings on the subject I long wished to do so but was actuated by delicacy even commiting my thoughts on paper and not from a want of confidence; to give you a full delineation of a character I feel so deeply interested in will be the best reason to convince you of my views of happiness; informed by nature for domestic life education—could not eradicate; the profession of law he could not reconcile to a mind above the little actions of those he was obliged to conform with to gain a livelihood and ill health together induced him to abandon a pursuit incompatible not for want of talents inferior to none at the Bar universally allowed his health continued for three years precarious now I am glad to say actively established; there is something still necessary such is dullness of all kind of business—indeed almost a total stop; Mr Andrew Maclean when moving to Florida took possession of his Brother’s property with his own consisting of negroes he has never received any benefit from them since at present he is in Augusta but would be distressed if returned

Brought up together at least since I was twelve years of age now twenty one in november last; we were acquainted with each others faults with a brotherly kindess would correct mine long before I viewed him in any other light; he instilled into my mind a love of merit and while my youthful heart returned his attention with gratitude imperceptable became sensible of his worth that innate delicacy of manners and sentiments I could not find elsewhere my understanding was disgusted with superficial compliments Gentlemen usually entertain young girls which caused me to return with double satisfaction to a more sincere conversation at home by degrees our hearts as well minds became assimilated and with the sanction of our friends anticipated as much happiness in an union as generally falls to the lot of human-beings in that state, circumstances prevented the accomplishment at that time such as I have related; they were unlooked for experience convinces me (nothing is certain in this wourld) I will aspire to bear the disappointments of life with res[ignation?] however hard with my own actions I feel nothing to cause me one moments uneasiness and hope always to deserve my own approbation; I will no longer tresspass on your time but conclude with information of my Brothers welfare and continuance of good behaviour. Uncles entertain high expectations of his future prospects our last letter from George Town state William having entered the navy as midshipman I cannot but feel pleased knowing the occapation he was engaged in did not correspond with his inclination I am only sorry he had not done so sonner from supposing he would have had a better situation by this time—with kind remembrances to Mrs Gilmer I remain my dear Aunt your affectionate

Caroline House
RC (NcU: NPT); stained; addressed: “Mrs Elizabeth Trist Care of P. Gilmer Esqr Martinsville Henry County Virginia Mail”; stamped and postmarked; endorsed by Trist: “ Caroline House Jany 25th 1813.”
Caroline House
Date Range
January 25, 1813