Reuben Lindsay and Others to Thomas Mann Randolph and Others


We the undersigned, appointed a committee by a meeting at Lindsay’s store, on Saturday the 12th Instant and authorised to solicit the cooperation of Committees in other parts of the County, to receive such contributions as the Patriotism and Generosity of the Citizens of our County may suggest, for the purpose of equipping a volunteer Company of volunteers to be raised in the County of Albemarle, to tender their services for twelve months, to the President of the united States to perform such service as may be assigned them by the constituted Authorities; have nominated you, as a committee to accept contributions, in your part, of the County. Inclosed is a list of the subscriptions made by the Citizens in this part of Albemarle. A hope is indulged on the part of the undersigned Committee that no effort, which a love of Country, and the present crisis calling so loudly for the exercise of the virtues, which demand the most magnanimous sacrifice, to the Public prosperity, will be omitted, to promote the encouragement and equipment of those, who will voluntarily step forth, in the protection of the dearest rights of our beloved Country, whose fortunes, incommensurate with their patriotism, deny them the means of furnishing themselves

We are Gentlemen very Respectfully Yr mo. Ob Serts.
Reuben Lindsay
Matthew Maury
Thomas Hamton
Richard Duke
James G. Waddel
Thomas W Maury
MS (ViU: Maury Family Correspondence); addressed: “To Thomas Mann Randolph, Alexander Garrett, Charles Bankhead, John Watson, John Gilmer, Charles Everitt, and Reuben Maury Esquires—Albemarle County.”
Matthew Maury
Reuben Lindsay
Richard Duke
James G. Waddell
Thomas W. Maury
Thomas Hamton
Alexander Garrett
Charles L. Bankhead
John Watson
John Gilmer
Charles Everette
Reuben Maury
Date Range
September 14, 1812