Caroline House to Elizabeth Trist

The day I sent my last letter to the office my dearest Aunt Uncle Isaac arrived accompanied by Mrs Course Cousin Charles and Elizabeth their second Daughter1, they remained with us three weeks Uncle’s health was considerable improved when he departed but am sorry to say not restored, Doct Watkins recommended while in Augusta, nothing more than exercise with a nourishing diet which appeared to produce an astonishing alteration for the better, the Doctors in Geo. Town. were of opinion his liver was affected Watkins thought it more a nervous debility2 which could be removed by a proper regimen, whatever the cause originated from the complaint still exists without any hopes of recovery every letter tends to confirm of our fears, Aunt John Course is very uneasy concerning her Son who lived in Florida obliged to run with family Mr Maclean and three Children hourly expecting to be murdered by the Indians. he has left his wife at Saint Mary’s and returned in hopes of saving some of his property if his life is not sacraficed in the attempt. Altho we fear no personal danger our minds are kept in continual apprehension of Mrs Maclean’s account—General Mathews was buried yesterday the Fever has terminated his exertions he would have been an useful Officer therefore his Death is to be regreted the only Fever fatal in Augusta this season, for several years past this place has proved remarkable healthy, it gives me much pain my dear Aunt to hear of your illness before now I hope entirely removed, would my abilities corresponded with my inclinations to amuse you a task that would give me much pleasure knowing your situation requires some alleviation I feel sensible my pen would not do justice to my wishes, therefore refrain from an inadequate duty and hope to preserve your affection by stating my reasons for not attempting to exercise a faculty I do not possess but content myself with relating family occurrences & look to you for an excuse,—William never writes me only thro you do I hear of him there are many difficulties no doubt to prevent a punctual correspondence but I excuse him altogether of a wish to forgetfulness, Samuel has not wrote since june am ignorant of his views in a few years I sincerely wish will insure his independence

Remember me with affection to Mrs Gilmer and all those she value’s and believe to be with respectful affection your niece
Caroline House
RC (NcU: NPT); addressed: “Mrs Elizabeth Trist Martinsville Henry County Virginia Care of P. Gilmore Mail”; stamped; postmarked Augusta 3 Sept.; endorsed by Trist: “Caroline House Answerd 6th Sep.”
1Manuscript: “Daugter.”
2Manuscript: “debitity.”
Caroline House
Date Range
September 2, 1812