John Armstrong and James Wilkinson to Thomas Mann Randolph


You will assemble the recruits & other parts of your Regiment whether in Virginia or Maryland & march them to Sackets harbor or to Fort George as Gen. Wilkinson may direct. The Sunbury (Pena) route will be the best. At Avon the roads to the two posts indicated, meet. I am Sir, with great respect—

Your most Obedient servant
John Armstrong

expedite I pray you by all reasonable means & take your route as your discretion may direct—

Ja Wilkinson

my opinion is in favour of Sackets Harbour, if water Transport from Fort George cannot accelerate the general rendezvous—

J. W.
RC (MHi); addressed: “Col. Thomas M. Randolph 20th RegtCity of Washington supposed to be at Mr Crawfords Geo. Town”; stamped and postmarked; endorsed by Randolph: “Jn Armstrong Aug. 11. 1813.”
John Armstrong
James Wilkinson
Date Range
August 11, 1813