William Bentley to John Wayles Eppes


The papers that I inclosed to1 you the last Winter Session of Congress, to be presented to Mr Jefferson to obtain his permission for the Commissioner who sold a Tract of Land, under a decree of The H. Court of Chancery, which belonged to the Estate of Wm Ronald Decd, and which was sold to satisfy a Debt due to Mr Jefferson; and of which I becaem the purchaser; you informed me that he could not act on them, untill a reference could be had to papers, which were at Monticello.If you have had any farther information from him on that Subject, I will thank you for it,—If he has not made known his decission to you, I will esteem it favor, if you will communicate with him by letter, (or in person, if more convenient) and procure his Consent in writing, that the Surviving Comr (for there is but one out of three now living) may pass a Deed to me,—The survivor is Mr James Pleasants jr—the death of him would involve me in many difficulties.—If the account of monies paid by me, which accompanied the other papers, agrees with my former Statement, there cannot be much due; but whatever there is, I will settle with the Comr or with any other person to whom I shall be directed.

I shall be equally thankfull for your attention to the other subject that I laid before you at the same time which relates to Mr Richard B. Lee, as the papers that throws light on the Subject, was sent to you also, there cannot be much difficulty in adjusting the Claim, with the assistance of Mr Giles, who has a knowledge of the transaction.

Accept Sir, my assurances of the highest respect.
W. Bentley
RC (MHi); addressed: “The Hble John W. Epps in Congress”; franked; postmarked Richmond, 29 Dec.; endorsed by Thomas Jefferson: “Bentley Wm to J. W. Eppes”; enclosed in John Wayles Eppes to Thomas Jefferson, 21 Jan. 1810 (ViU: TJP-ER).
1Manuscript: “to to.”
William Bentley
Date Range
December 23, 1809