Thomas Mann Randolph to Peachy R. Gilmer

Dear Sir,

Accept my most sincere thanks for the trouble you have taken in the business with Key. I return the paper signed. It gives two credits to J. & W. Key on their bond presented by you for me with exact dates & amounts and one unascertaind at the time as to either; meaning as much of James Keys judgement against Bache from the date thereof as would extinquish the remainder of the bond for 51£.12. This arrangement being reather illiberally refused by W. Key acting for James in his instructions to Mr Brown the whole remainder of the 51£.12. bond & interest is yet due after deducting the 10£ & 11.£.19.3. credits.

There is all the reason to believe in the world that Bonaparte only fell back at Wischaw on the 4th day of the battle to give the Russians time to get drunk & refuse obedience; that he attacked them again unexpectedly and cut to pieces or dispersed their whole army. He will reinstate Poland no doubt to form a barrier against them in future: Kosciusko is with him & will be king no doubt

All quite still here. J. Randolph visits Miss M[. . .]y more than the H. R.

Mr Eppes has lost his little daughter: his son I hope is quite well again now.

In extreme haste
your friend
Th. M. Randolph
RC (Vi: Personal Papers Collection, Thomas Mann Randolph Papers, Mss 18760); torn at fold.
Peachy R. Gilmer
Date Range
February 17, 1806