Thomas Mann Randolph to John Gilmer and James Gilmer

Th: M. R. to his much esteemed friends John & James Gilmer—

Young Bradburn of Milton has applied to me as a Justice to issue peace warrants against you both. I have not done it but have satisfied him by a promise I would bind myself for his safety from the assaults of either of you as soon as I could obtain your consent, or upon your refusal would grant them. May I draw up recognisances & join you in them? If you say yes I will do it & call at Dr Everits for your signatures. Consider by a refusal you will subject me to severe censure for not having issued warrants immediately. If you consent I shall deem you both bound in honor to keep the peace towards him from that moment. Those bonds are adamant with both of you I know well.

your most sincere friend
Th: M. Randolph
RC (Vi: Personal Papers Collection, Thomas Mann Randolph Letters, Mss 18760); addressed: “Messrs James & John Gilmer So Milton.”
John Gilmer
James Gilmer
Date Range
May 15, 1804