Maria Jefferson Eppes to John Wayles Eppes

I was so hurried in writing my last to you My best beloved husband that I did not even think of asking you to let me know if the pain in your tooth had been effectually relieved by craming you suffer’d so much with it at Monticello that I have thought a great deal of it since & tho much affected at the depression of spirits which appear’d for the first time in that letter I rather hoped it was under the impression of some unpleasant feeling excited at the moment in the House [. . .] than any thing more permanent, as it is the greatest source of comfort to me while seperated from you to know that your health & spirits are good. Mr Eston Randolph is just come, he [. . .] left Richmond [. . .] a few days since & saw your father while there who was then very well but had just recover’d from the croup which he had had violently, he told Mr R that if his carriage was done he with your mother would meet you here at Christmas certainly but I must conclude my letter for My Sister has served me a trick & made me entertain Mr R while she written [wrote?] her own Adieu then dearest & most beloved of my heart give my love to My brother & tell him he has served me very shabbily not to answer my letter that I intended to have written to him [. . .] for his picture [. . .] Adieu once more

yours tenderly
RC (ViU: Eppes Family Papers, Mss 7109); partially dated, with year conjectured from internal evidence; small tear at deletion; addressed: “John Wayles Eppes Washington”; franked; endorsed by recipient: “M. Eppes Decr 10th.”