Maria Jefferson Eppes to John Wayles Eppes

I have only time to write a line to you My dearest husband, the incessant round of company we are in scarcely allowing time to dress to recieve them. I am at this moment writing whilst waiting for a gown to be smooth’d, tho the drawing room is full of ladys. your dear son bore the journey tho a very rough one well he is now venturing across the room alone & begins to do it very boldly, how often do I wish that you could behold him his dear little figure [. . .] tottering along with his hands extended to balance himself. we expect to set off by Sunday or Monday week I must beg & conjure you to send me what neither of us thought of when parting, enough to enable me to defray the expences of the journey back, our trip has allready cost our dear father considerably above 200 Dollars as our stay is uncertain I might recieve a letter [. . .] if you can answer it immediately Adieu Most beloved of my heart nothing can equal the joy with which I shall return to you after so long a separation

M Eppes
RC (ViU: Eppes Family Papers, Mss 7109); partially dated, with year conjectured from internal evidence; small tear at deletion; addressed: “John Wayles Eppes Bermuda Hundred. near City Point. Virginia. to be forwarded to him if not there”; stamped; postmarked Washington, D.C., 25 Nov.