Extract from Elizabeth Trist to Nicholas P. Trist

these hard times require the Bounty of nature to be profusely scatterd to make up for the losses sustaind by letting Money on interest to those who are become Bankrupts Mr Wilson Nicholas has faild for three hundred thousand Dollars[.] Mr Jeffersons indors’d for him to the amount of twenty thousand[.] numbers are ruind by him, his creditors have given him two years to settle his affairs and he seems satisfied that he shall be able to satisfy all those who were his securitys but it is doubted for Prosperity of any kind wont bring half its value, it will be a horrid thing Mr Jeffersons has to sell any part of his real State, for he can not command Cash at present to discharge the debt and the interest will be upwards of 1900 Dollars yearly

RC (DLC: NPT); addressed: “Mr Nicholas P— Trist west Point New York”; terminal punctuation editorially supplied.
Elizabeth Trist
Date Range
August 25, 1819
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