Extract from Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia Commissioners: The Rockfish Gap Report

form the statesmen, legislators & judges, on whom public prosperity, & individual happiness are so much to depend.

MS (Vi: Misc. Papers); dateline at foot of text; in the hand of Thomas W. Maury; signed by Thomas Jefferson, Philip C. Pendleton, Creed Taylor, Spencer Roane, Peter Randolph, John M.C. Taylor, William Brockenbrough, J.G. Jackson, Archibald Rutherford, Thomas Wilson, Archibald Stuart, Philip Slaughter, James Breckinridge, William H. Cabell, Henry E. Watkins, Nathaniel H. Clairborne, James Madison, William A.G. Dade, Armistad T. Mason, William Jones Hugh Holmes. Dft (ViU).
University of Virginia Commissioners
Thomas Jefferson
Creed Taylor
Peter Randolph
William Brockenbrough
Archibald Rutherford
Archibald Stuart
James Breckinridge
Henry E. Watkins
James Madison
Armistad T. Mason
Hugh Holmes
Phil. C. Pendlton
Spencer Roane
John M. C. Tayloe
J. G. Jackson
Thomas Wilson
Phil. Slaughter
William H. Cabell
Nathaniel H. Claiborne
William A. G. Dade
William Jones
Date Range
August 4, 1818
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