Extract from Thomas Jefferson to Wilson Cary Nicholas

I would strongly recommend to their consideration, instead of one immense building, to have a small one for every professorship, arranged at proper distances around a square, or rather three sides of a square, to admit extension, connected by a piazza so that they may go dry from one school to another. this is preferable village form is preferable to a single great building for many reasons, particularly on account of fire, health, economy, peace & quiet. such a plan had been approved in the case of the Albemarle college ... and should the idea be approved by the board more may be said hereafter on the opportunity these small buildings will afford, of exhibiting models in Architecture of the purest forms of antiquity, furnishing to the Student examples of the precepts he will be taught in that art.

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Thomas Jefferson
Wilson Cary Nicholas
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April 2, 1816
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