Alexander Garrett to Arthur S. Brockenbrough

Dear sir

Yours of the 19th instant I recieved this morning, and sent it this evening to Mr Jefferson, he writes me that he wrote to you on the 17th and supposes you got his letter on the evening of the date of yours to me. his letter will no doubt give you full imformation relative to the Philadelphia workman and also inform you whether it be necessary for you to come up immediately or not.

Your advertizements for lumber, were copied and put up as requested, but no proposals have been handed in to me as yet. I fear, none will offer, proposals, I think if you could be here at our next court (a quarterly term 1st monday in June) it is likely some might be offered you,

I sent to Mr Perry a part of all garden seeds I had, some however I had not neither can they be procured here, you had best th get them in Richmond, towit. Beet seed. carrot. Hanover turnip & cabbage, & bring them up with you.

Should you come up shortly, will you oblige me by bringing up a book for me which I left at Mr. Fitzwhylsonn’s and he was to have sent it up with some blank books lately sent but omitted doing so. the book is a Latin Dictionary. he will find it charged to me in April last.

I [. . .] Your Mo Obt
Alex: Garrett

NB. please call at the V. bank & know if any further deposets have been made since your favor on that subject.

RC (ViU: PP); mistakenly endorsed by Brockenbrough: “A. Garrett May 24 1820.”
Alexander Garrett
Arthur S. Brockenbrough
Date Range
May 24, 1819