Martha Jefferson Randolph to Andrew Stevenson

Dear Sir

I received your letter on friday & should have answered it immediately but have been prevented by company untill the present moment Accept my most gratefull thanks for the interrest you have so kindly taken evinced on this occasion, and as the gentlemen have made you the Organ of communication between them and my self, will it not be as proper through the same friendly medium to transmit to them the expressions of my gratitude? unaccustomed to write I can not do justice to my own feelings but I can never forget that this sum which has afforded me much immediate relief comfort, is but a small remnant of a generous contribution that did much to give quiet for the last moments of my dear father. if you my dear sir think it necessary I will write, but have no doubt that you will do infinitely more justice to my feelings, if to the obligations I alrea[dy] owe you, you would add that of conveying to them the s[enti]ments of gratitude & cordial regard to which their proved attachment to my dear father was a rare title independently of this evidence of kind feelings toward my self

I am dear sir gratefully & respectfully &
Dft (NcU: NPT); unsigned; in the hand of Martha Jefferson Randolph; on verso of address cover to Andrew Stevenson to Martha Jefferson Randolph, 16 Feb. 1832, with damage at seal.
Andrew Stevenson
Date Range
February 17, 1832