Nicholas P. Trist to Martha Jefferson Randolph

The probability of an absence of some length, from Albemarle, has induced me, Dear Mrs Randolph, to take a step, which I had, a short time since, resolved to defer until I should have attained my twenty-first year: a step, which if it does not entirely meet your approbation, I pray you at least, not to be offended at. You may possibly have perceived that an attachment has existed, for some time, in my bosom, to your daughter virginia; that the attachment is strong, and must be lasting, I am fully convinced.

Hoping that my sentiments may be agreable to yourself and Mr Randolph, I address you these lines to request the permission of making them known to miss Virginia.—

Accept, dear Mrs Randolph, for yourself, the Colonel and family; assurances of the perpetual gratitude and devoted friendship of
Nicho P Trist
RC (NcU: NPT); dateline at foot of text; addressed: “Mrs Randolph. Monticello.