Sarah E. Nicholas to Jane H. Nicholas Randolph

My dear Jane,

This is the fourth day that we have been expecting the carriage and it has not yet arrived nor have we heard from you by post, and, although the delay has been a very seasonable one, as I will convince you presently, still we cannot help feeling a little uneasy at your misterious silence; we received your letter announcing [. . .]’s bad conduct, when we were all out at Montebello very busily engaged at a quilting frolick which was not ended till saturday night, and as no one could find time to write during the frolick aftere it was over we determined that it was not then worth our while to write as we should see you so soon, and now if your neglect of us has been occasioned by our neglect of you, I hope you will forgive us & send the horses forth with as the sooner they come the better—It was very lucky that they did not come at the time that we expected. I’ll tell you why—sister C. had a mishap yesterday—she has been waiting for some time & yesterday was delivered of a dead child with little or no pain, and is I understand perfectly well to day, she is thought to have injured herself by moving out. I consider it on the whole a very lucky thing—I’ll give you my reasons when I see you

in the mean time I beg leave to subscribe myself

Yours until death
S E Nicholas
RC (ViU: ER); addressed: “To Mrs Jefferson Randolph Milton Albemarle Va”; stamped; postmarked Baltimore, June 9; endorsed by Randolph: “Sarah.”
Sarah E. Nicholas
Date Range
June 5, 1820