Thomas Mann Randolph to His Daughters

My dear Girls,

The steam Boat goes at 6 oclock tomorrow morning very punctually. I have sent to Varina allready to give notice that we were coming. Phil will attend you with the carriage very early. To arrive in time you must be up by 4. oclock. We will set out for Varina from the steam Boat, on board of which we will breakfast, as we may not reach Varina sooner than 9. oclock. This novelty is worth your seeing in my opinion. Besides there is beautifull scenery on the river and I hope the day will be fine which will make it surely agreeable. I cannot remain longer than next week. On Tuesday the 7th at latest I must go: perhaps many days earlier, if Booth does not come to town again. I will wait with pleasure that you may see his acting, if we hear of his intention to appear here again. We must see the Richmond Vauxhall some day next Week, and the Penitentiary. Allso the new canal and locks at Westham. But the unhealthy season is fast approaching. There is more Malaria produced in an hour now than was in a Week while Ellen was down. We must not trust it too long.

I am much afraid the little carriage may be wanted at Belvedere. Pray enquire before our plan is known. I have this moment been disappointed in my last endeavour to procure one larger that we might invite some of your companions. Adieu my dear Girls for tonight.

RC (DLC: TJ Papers, Randolph Family Manuscripts); partially dated, with year editorially supplied; unsigned; in the hand of Thomas Mann Randolph.
Ellen W. Randolph (Coolidge)
Virginia J. Randolph (Trist)
Date Range
July 28, 1821