Thomas Mann Randolph to Joseph Lancaster

Thomas Mann Randolph acknowledges having received a letter from Joseph Lancaster, Author of the Lancastrian system of education, containing proposals for publishing, without delay, a cheap elementary Work, explaining the principles upon which his plan of Universal Instruction is founded.

T. M. R. will, with great satisfaction, avail himself of his situation as President of the Board of the Literary Fund of Virginia, to make an endeavour to procure for the Work, as soon as he can have the opportunity of laying it before the Directors, such encouragement as an Institution of so great importance is allways [. . .] able to afford if willing. It will give him great pleasure to be able to inform Mr Lancaster of the success of the endeavour as soon as it is determined.

He begs leave to assure Mr Lancaster of the strong sense he cherishes of the high distinction in society such an invention gives, and of his sincere participation in the feelings of gratitude with which Such radically usefull labours must inspire all patriotic, philanthropic and benignant minds.

RC (ViU: Mss 10310-a); dateline at foot of text; endorsed in an unknown hand: “Governor of Virginnia.”
Joseph Lancaster
Date Range
February 29, 1820