Alexander Garrett to John H. Cocke

Dear sir

I send you herewith a copy of the subscriptions to the Central College up to the present day, so far as they have [. . .] been assertained or the [. . .] out subscriptions heard from, I have found that in soliciting subscriptions, that a long list of subscribers appearing allready upon the paper presented has a good effect. and therefore take the liberty of sending you the copy above mentioned, should an opportunity offer please send me a copy of the subscriptions you have obtained on your list that they may be aded to the General list here; The success that this subscription hath allready met with, hath so far exceeded the expectations of the of Mr Jefferson that I bilieve it has effected his original plans; he expressed a wish a few evenings ago for an opportunity to write you, he is going to Mr Madisons in a few days and expressed a [. . .] wish that yourself and Major Watson could with convenience be there with him, I have just sent to him to let him know that an opportunity to write you [. . .] offers itself this morning, I suppose he will avail himself of it, Mr Jefferson was yesterday ingaged in assertaining the level of the College Hill & laying off the direction of the range of buildings now intended to be put th up. and as the first buildings will give the direction to the entire buildings, it must be of the very first importance to commence right it properly—I sincerely wish you could see the ground before we commence leveling, there may exist some objection to it, or some better improvement might be suggested by you to Mr Jefferson.

I am D sir Your Mo Obt St
Alex: Garrett
RC (ViU: JHC); addressed: “Genl John H Cocke Fluvanna favd by Mr Geo. Nicholas”; endorsed by Cocke.
Alexander Garrett
John H. Cocke
Date Range
July 19, 1817