Thomas Jefferson Randolph to Dabney S. Carr

My dear Dabney

Will you desire Lewis to send me a coat, thin black waistcoat (I have a thick one) a pair of thin and another thick pantaloons, all black. likewise a suit of mourning for Trist by measure enclosed. The most awkward part of the commission to yourself will be standing security untill pay day. tell me when that is, I am under the impression it is once in the month.You no doubt desire to know something of the history of my grandfathers illness & death. you will probably recieve the Enquirer as early as this letter I must refer to that. a statement furnished by myself: only two little anecdotes omitted there. which I now give you. In the feverish slumber of a slight confusion of thought, he fancied he heard Mr Hatchs name pronounced. he roused up and asked if he had. on a reply in the negative he observed after a pause. “I have no objection to take leave of him as a kind & good neighbor”On my recieving a letter from McIntire containing a most liberal and kind message from the N.York committee, he observed that “he cheerfully committed his soul to his god. his child to his country.”He left his property in trust. the “legal estate as actual occupation” to myself Trist and A. Garrett for my mothers benefit making myself sole executor. Trist & Garrett after my death. It is important that the sums subscribed by the public should be placed in the hands of his executor on the same footing as his other property. i.e. in trust for my mothers sole benefit. as if he had had it in possession when he wrote his will or at his death. My father who has shewn a spirit more ferocious than the wolf & more fell than the hyena Hating him in life, neglecting him in death and insulting his body remains when dead; is already in motion to get hold of these funds by fraud or by force if possible. this must be prevented. the demand for them is very great can you contrive to have them placed at my disposal as trustee & exor following the same course as the property. which property it must preserve. He left me his papers. his memoir. I am now reading with interest of course

your affectionate brother
Th: J. Randolph

Measure of suit for Mr Trist

Stands six foot. you can make the length of waist and entire length of coat accordingly. the rest of measure is as follow.

from middle of Back seam to elbow 22¼ Inches. continued sleeve hand 36. width of breast 16¾ to waist 14¼. length of vest 22 Inches. length of Pantaloons leg seam 32¼ round waist 14¼

Mr Trist is very straight and as you will discover very spare

Mr Trist likes his cloathes to set easy. The Pantaloons he wants made for chains which need not be furnished as he has a pair the stud of which is thus far apart

|———|1Henry Price

Fashionble Taylor for Charlottesville, University [Etc]
(Copy) Th J Randolph
RC (ViU: CC); addressed: “Dabney S Carr Esq Baltimore”; stamped; postmarked Charlottesville, 11 July; endorsed by Carr: “Thomas J. Randolph.”
1In the manuscript this line is about 1 inch long.