Lafayette to Robert B. Taylor

My dear Sir

By the time when mr Hall is Returned to Norfolk, we shall Approach the Anniversary day of a Celebration which Has Been Marked With [Numberless] tokens of kindness to me and with My Very particular obligations to You, my dear general. Nor Can I forget the Reception, So flattering and Affectionate, that Has welcomed my Arrival in Norfolk. But while I Was Enjoying the Happy Remembrances, A most afflicting intelligence Has Struck my Heart, the Coincidence of which with another Melancholy Loss Had induced me for a time to disbelieve it. Now all Hope is over, Nor Can Adequate Words Express my feelings. it is to me A Consolation to think we Have Lived to See Each other once more, to Exchange Congratulations on the prodigious progress of the U.S., Namely of Virginia, Since the Year when, Acting as the Military Commander, I found Him at Richmond Governor of the State, and to Enjoy the prospect of an Ever Encreasing prosperity founded on Republican freedom. So we did not in those patriotic Conversations, Refrain from the Anticipation, However Remote, that in Conformity With the Noble feelings of Virginia from Her infancy to the present day, the only Remaining Evil of British Entails upon Her, Negro Slavery, should Be By Herself Gradually Removed, a task which, difficult as it is, You know to Have Been [. . .] An Object of His Constant tho’ Considerate meditations.

I Have Been much pleased to Hear You are Now a member of the State legislature, where Your High minded Sentiments and Splendid talen[ts] Cannot fail to Be Very Serviceable and where it is the Hope of a Mourning friend Your Eloquent Voice will Be Heard on the Late Lamentable occasion.

I H[ave] With much Gratification improved the [opportunity] to talk of my Norfolk, portsmouth, and Gosport friends. Be pleased to Remember me Very Affectionately to them. My Best Respects wait on Mrs taylor and family. My Son Joins with me and So should Mr Levasseur was He not for the present in Germany from where He will Return a married man. Remember me also to other Virginia friends, to those in the forts, and to our Companions of the York town Anniversary.

Most Gratefully and Affectionately Your friend
RC (ViHi: Robert B. Taylor Papers, Mss2 T2178 b); damaged at fold; edge chipped; addressed: “General taylor Norfolk Virginia favour’d By mr Hall.”
Robert Taylor
Date Range
August 21, 1826