Ellen Carr to Dabney S. Carr, with Postscript by Hetty Carr

Dear Brother

We have just received your letter of 24th date, and which mamma requests me to answer, as she is very busy knitting old Lady Betty’s stocking’s, but for that, I assure that I would only answer letters written to myself, which are few therefore if you wish to hear from us often, write to me, more frequently. and I shall always answer1 your letters. but they will be short as all the neighbours as well as ourselves have still got the itch. I am something of Mr Peter Minor’s opinion that it is incurable, we have rubbed every night for almost a fortnight & we see Cousin James almost every day who has also got it but he stays so short a time that we do not hear very often much news from him. I ask him every time when he is going to write to you. I suppose he is too busy looking at his pretty wife. he has engaged the carpenters to build his house, they are to go about it in three weeks. his wife’s plan I think was the best, that was, to get mamma to board them, and for Cousin, to attend to the brick building from here, now he is going to build a log house with four rooms in it, and next year he [. . .] is to build a brick one. Cousin Martha comes here every friday evening, and teaches us on saturday I get al my lessons in the week and study say them to her when she comes. I say 25 pages, of French. write an exercise every day say a long parsing lesson a geography lesson & an English grammar. Cousin Martha will write2 to Sister, nex[t] post. I will do the same perhaps.

Yrs truly,
Ellen Carr

I find Nelly has writen so short a letter, I have set down to write a longer altho it is 9 o’clock in the first place go to danceing school. I will send you the money to pay for both the schools. I think I informed of this before. you appear to think somthing of the Postage I hope you do not have to pay for any you recieve from us as I pay for all here your Man Peter & Betty are well Abby is still very unwell but out of danger. I have sold Old Harry to Harry Chiles for 20 dollars at his own request, Silver is very well. I do not think you will want any money this year how is it that Mr H. allows you any the first year. do you get that by your early riseing if so I am glad to hear it, I recieved a short letter from Eliza as you call her. & am rejoiced to hear of George’s prospects. & am truly sorry to hear that he lost his servant in so meloncholly a way. I do not know whether you recieve my letters as you never answer any question I ask you. would to god I could sell this place that I could be with you. but I fear that is a poor chance. do you think it will be better for Maria to come home in the Spring doesant she read French she speaks of saying a grammer lesson. you would be surprised to see how jane margarett comes on with her french Hollins says 3 latten grammer lessons a day I have an Idea of making him begin French as we have no latten teacher. but keep him at his latten Grammer too. Nelly could teach him French and she can hear him his latten grammer & perhaps by another year some thing better may turne up for us

when you write to George tell him I will write to him when I have something to write tell him I think my hearing is something better. considerably better than when I left Baltimore Jefferson was here last Sunday & he thaught it better than when I left Virginia. he has rented two Plantations & 70 or 80 blacks from his grand Father and gives him in produce what would be equil to 5 thousand dollars this gives him blacks enough for his own plantations, he told me in case of my death he would take care of this place for you all. this was to be sure was very kind in him, as George is so far off. I have writin so long a letter I fear you will be tired of it I have just paid Leitch off. 313 dollars. & the one I got for you

let Mrs Patterson know William is very well

RC (ViU: Carr-Cary Papers); addressed: “Mr Dabney S Carr Baltimore”; stamped; postmarked Charlottesville, 31 Jan.
1Manuscript: “aswer.”
2Manuscript: “writes.”
Hetty Carr
Ellen Carr
Dabney S. Carr
Date Range
January 28, 1818